How to Handle Nervousness when speaking in front of Groups with Julie Mac

Today we are discussing a topic that affects many of us – Handling nervousness. Our guest speaker, Julie Mac is a stress expert and is speaking on How to reduce those nerves when speaking –

So do you find yourself sweating and feeling sick in your stomach when you think about speaking in front of people?

Do you have a fear of forgetting yours words?

How about, do your hands start to shake and your mouth goes dry?

Julie is going to explain why this happens, and what we can do to reduce those nerves when speaking.

Julie has spent the last 10 years successfully assisting hundreds of people in overcoming fears, anxiety and a multitude of adversities. She believes that once we understand how we inhibit ourselves through self-imposed limitations, then we can enjoy a successful, happy and healthy life.

Julie is a therapist and speaker. She is currently studying to complete her qualification as a registered psychologist.

She is the leading Australian expert in Stress Management and her clinics are on the Central Coast and Crows Nest in Sydney.