How to Maximise Your Impact on Video with Tim Stackpool

Our guest speaker today is Tim Stackpool . Tim is a media skills Professional trainer with extensive experience in television and radio. Tim is going to be giving his advice on “Maximising Your Impact on Video”.

Video is becoming more and more important in the way that businesses market their business. I was speaking to a Gen Y friend who was quite clear – she liked video included in presentations – its seems like the future generations will be expecting video in many places.

We see so much television and movies that it appears straight forward until we actually stand in front of a camera.

Getting that great impact and personality on video really helps with connecting with your audience.

Using a well written script keeps the audiences attention – when you start to write it – it can be hard to know where to start

Becoming aware of some of our mannerisms is uncomfortable – but they can be obvious on camera. How straight forward to get up and present in front of a camera? Tim’s going to explain…….