How to have Fun in Business and build a Sustaining Business for Years to Come


Introducing Roland Hanekroot , owner of the company New Perspectives, has an extensive small to medium business background. Roland is the founder and CEO of two successful businesses in the building and construction industry with over 20 years experience. He was originally trained as a Journalist in Holland and worked for a national daily newspaper in Amsterdam and then came to Australia and started a carpentry and later building company. Since leaving the building industry Roland was involved in IT and network administration for a number of medium sized organisations.

Roland founded New Perspectives on my background and experience in small business together with deep study and training in business management, psychology, counselling and coaching. The result is an unique approach and methodology that leads small business owners back to having more Fun in business.

Building a Fun business that sustains you for years to come takes guts, because it invariably means Change (with a capital “C”). Nothing inspires me more than seeing people step out of their comfort zone and stay there in order to make the changes they need to make.
The Questions Roland Answers are:

1. Building a Fun business and needing to go out of your comfort zone – these seem to be opposites – what is this about?

2. Are there stages to work through?

3. Building a “tribe” can be a challenge – what approach do you recommend to building a tribe?

4. Building a business can be frustrating, need perseverance and challenging. What are your approaches to make it fun?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Business Owner , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

There’s some incredibly sound and valuable advice in this discussion – well worth putting 30 minutes aside to listen and absorb – if you’re in business this is wonderful advice – Thanks Roland Hanekroot for your time and sharing your expertise!

Meaningful Conversations with Glenda Thompson


Our guest Glenda Thompson is a connection and communication specialist and the founder of her company, Flourisheer.

Glenda works with successful people who want to connect to others more effectively.

If they’re ready to speak out to influence, Glenda has the tools and skills to partner with them to achieve that.

Glenda works with individuals, drives interactive group sessions and also acts as a catalyst at retreats.

Previously, she was a journalist at The Australian Financial Review. She lives in Manly with her husband and snorkels for fun. Find Glenda online at

Glenda answers these questions about handling of conversations –

1. When do you use Meaningful Conversations?

2. What’s the first step?

(After we’ve done quite a bit of the framework or all of it):

3. Do you have to tell the other person you’re using a tool?

4. What if you don’t get through all the steps in one meeting?

Marketing with Video with Geoff Anderson

The Friday Forum is for business people – Business Professionals are interviewed on all sorts of topics – The aim is that this forum is to discuss ideas and practical ways that you can use to promote your business as well as hear real-life examples of a wide variety of business tools.

This Friday Forum our guest speaker is Geoff Anderson . Geoff is a video production specialist, managing director of Sonic Sight and Author of Shoot me Now – making Videos to Boost Business. Geoff is an authority on creating video and marketing businesses with the video. Geoff assists a broad range of clients with their communication and promotional needs and loves being able to use video to tell creative stories about the companies we work with.

The discussion has Geoff anderson speaking on the following questions –

1 What is it about Video that Marketing with Video becoming so important?

2. What are the steps in creating a video?

3. What are some of the pitfalls we need to be aware of when creating video?

4. How can a we create a video that makes our Business look a Million Dollars?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Business Owner , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

There an enormous amount of valuable information – enjoy!

Tools to be a Successful Manager with Sally Foley-Lewis


Sally Foley-Lewis trains managers to be more productive – to really connect and communicate with their staff and to achieve those highly sort after goals. Sally is detailing in this 30 minute podcast some tools to be a successful manager.

The questions asked are:

1. What does it take to manage people?

2. Does it take a special person to be a good manager or can we all be managers?

3.What happens when there are huge pressures on managers?

4. What tools do managers need to assist them to be successful managers?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Trainer, Mentor and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

6 The Sally Foley-Lewis Management Success Cards

How to ask for Referrals and Reach Out with Ric Willmot


Ric Willmot trains business people all around the world in business principles, marketing and every part of running a successful business. In this podcast, Ric is speaking on an essential part of marketing a business – asking for referrals from current people we know and reaching out to people we may not know but would like to as they could be interested in the business we are offering. The questions Ric covers in this 45 minute podcast are:

1. Asking for referrals – why is this an essential marketing tool?

2. For the business person, asking for the referral – it can be a bit awkward – how can this process be made easier?

3. Reaching out to new clients, new potential business who are not familiar with us can equally be daunting – how can we identify these potential client?

4. How can we successfully get their attention and have them understand our offering? Sending an email just wont do it – what is the best approach?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Business Coach, Authorr and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

6 Executive Wisdom Management Learning Toolkit

The Power of Collaboration


Collaborating is a highly effective way to work as a team and build business to the benefit of all the parties involved.Ivan Cunningham, The Training Network and John Hill, The Ultimate Life, are experienced business professionals who have built businesses around using collaborations as one of their strategies.

John Hill from the Ultimate Life is a Mindset specialist and passionate about the psychology of success. Ivan Cunningham of The Training Network is a business and media communication expert. In their business careers, by collaborating with other specialists they have been able to build business faster.

In this podcast , you will hear Ivan and John’s approaches to the following questions-

1. Collaborations – what are the benefits to working with different business people rather than just getting on with the job yourself?

2. Is clarifying the team goals important?

3. Do the Collaborators need to have similar skill sets or different?

4. What is the ideal approach to co-ordinate a collaboration ?

5. I ask all our guests this – As a Coach,Trainer and a Professional speaker , what is your advice about promoting your business by speaking?

How to Prepare Your Business for the New Year with Julie Ashton

The Friday Forum is for business people – we discuss many topics and hear how our guests have included speaking to groups as a marketing strategy – today we are speaking with Julie Ashton of Dynamic Business coach.

Julie has a unique talent for simplifying complex processes and concepts while identifying and implementing practical strategies for her clientele. She is known for teaching people how to work quickly and efficiently while happily delivering great service, whether it be by phone, internet or face to face.

Our topic today is “How to Prepare Your Business for the New Year” – Julie gives insights into celebrating what has been achieved this year and practical approaches for heading into the new year.

How to Handle Nervousness when speaking in front of Groups with Julie Mac

Today we are discussing a topic that affects many of us – Handling nervousness. Our guest speaker, Julie Mac is a stress expert and is speaking on How to reduce those nerves when speaking –

So do you find yourself sweating and feeling sick in your stomach when you think about speaking in front of people?

Do you have a fear of forgetting yours words?

How about, do your hands start to shake and your mouth goes dry?

Julie is going to explain why this happens, and what we can do to reduce those nerves when speaking.

Julie has spent the last 10 years successfully assisting hundreds of people in overcoming fears, anxiety and a multitude of adversities. She believes that once we understand how we inhibit ourselves through self-imposed limitations, then we can enjoy a successful, happy and healthy life.

Julie is a therapist and speaker. She is currently studying to complete her qualification as a registered psychologist.

She is the leading Australian expert in Stress Management and her clinics are on the Central Coast and Crows Nest in Sydney.

How to Maximise Your Impact on Video with Tim Stackpool

Our guest speaker today is Tim Stackpool . Tim is a media skills Professional trainer with extensive experience in television and radio. Tim is going to be giving his advice on “Maximising Your Impact on Video”.

Video is becoming more and more important in the way that businesses market their business. I was speaking to a Gen Y friend who was quite clear – she liked video included in presentations – its seems like the future generations will be expecting video in many places.

We see so much television and movies that it appears straight forward until we actually stand in front of a camera.

Getting that great impact and personality on video really helps with connecting with your audience.

Using a well written script keeps the audiences attention – when you start to write it – it can be hard to know where to start

Becoming aware of some of our mannerisms is uncomfortable – but they can be obvious on camera. How straight forward to get up and present in front of a camera? Tim’s going to explain…….

From Broke to Top Franchisee in Australia in 2 Years with Phil Preston

The Speakers Practice – Fortnightly Friday Forum has guest speaker – Phil Preston – an Engagement Strategy Specialist speaking on the topic of Shared Value. Phil details this amazing example of a business in Queensland, Australia that by using the Shared Value approach in the local community built a thriving business from literally being liquidated.

If you are interested in adding value to your community along with growing your business – this is a fabulous discussion that will give you ideas and methods to grow your business.