25 Ways Presentation Skills training help you in the Workplace

By working on your Presentation Skills, this will help you in the Workplace and in your everyday life. The Speakers Practice offers the SpeakersTrainingCamp ® Public workshop and now the International Accreditation course for you to become an Instructor.

Here are 25 Ways the SpeakersTrainingCamp ® can help your presentation skills.


Build Confidence
Look at Presentations from the Audiences view point
Looks at what you are wanting to work on
Learn to handle nervousness
Lots of participation and being involved
It helps to get feedback from member as well as a skilled trainer
You need to work on preparing presentations and deliver when possible. The more you deliver the easier it becomes.
You find out the three main areas a Speech needs to be success
You find out how to structure a presentation
You find out important parts to make your speech memberable
You find out how to keep your audiences attention
You find out about the attention span of the audience – this will surprise you1
You receive a template that greatly assists anyone who is wanting to prepare a speech.
The template halves the preparation time.
The template gives you all the details you need to prepare a presentation
You get practice on thinking on your feet
You get practice not only to give them presentation , you get to give evaluations of speeches
This is the fastest, easiest way to develop presentation skills
You get to work on body language, eye contact, voice skills and get an understanding on your style
You will work on delivering more wore impact
Think about delivering your presentation using a checklist to prepare – this is an amazing help!
Your presentations are videoed so you get to see how you can do things slightly differently to assist your overall impact.
You find out about the research that went into what audiences are wanting from their speaker.
You learn to increase the impact of your presentation, get your audiences attention and be heard!
Its fun, you meet great people and we get to laugh.

The SpeakersTrainingCamp ® has so much to offer – for developing Presentation Skills ! The Speakers Practice is offering the SpeakersTrainingCamp ® 2 day workshop March 2013 and the International Instructors course in October 2013 for the first time!! Ring Adrienne McLean on 0414 367 960 for details.